Whenever I walk into my home, the first thing I do when I close the door, is take in the scent of my place of sanctuary.  Himalayan Cedar & Jasmine, The Lovely Candle Company’s signature scent and my personal favourite, brings me home.  Aromas of  Cedar and Jasmine from the candles and diffusers around the place enable me to adore the way my home smells, filling me with the sense of calm and relaxation I crave in my personal environment. Lovely candles burn to the highest quality of any candle I have ever used and their simple presentation looks beautiful as an ornament, filling my home with atmosphere as they twinkle around me.

As a gift, or for yourself, I’d recommend The Lovely Candle Company Candles and Diffusers above any other available in the marketplace.

Teresa Regan / Himalayan Cedar and Jasmine, April 2016

These truly are candles at their very loveliest!

You give out what you get back and you can tell these lovely candles have indeed been handmade with love❤️

What you get back is an awfully good quality, exquisitely fragranced candle which lasts me a whole month, if not longer and makes my entire flat smell divine … A magic aroma aura which simply cannot be matched❤️

(I will continue to endeavour to find my favourite!)


“Our flat smells absolutely beautiful thanks to your candle, it’s amazing"

Alice Plummer / Jasmine Patchouli candle, Feb 2016

“The candle smelt amazing burning hun! I want to buy more! They’re amazing! As good as Jo Malone I would say.”

Kirsty Wickenden-Parrish / Night Blooming Jasmine Candle March 2016

“This is my lovely candle from the lovely Lisa, it looks lovely and smells lovelier. Thank you Lovely Lisa”

Simon Hawkins / Himalayan Cedar and Jasmine, March 2016

“Lisa’s lovely candles are wonderful from the minute you first light one to the very last use, the smell is amazing, and so many aromas to choose from too xx”

Melanie Lee / a selection of candles March 2016

“Love mine too, so proud of you”

Margaret Kelly / Lime Basil and Manderine candle – Jan 2016

 “I need a new one please! I love them”

Sarah Hawkins / Jasmine Patchouli candle Feb 2016

“Everyone these are a must if you like lovely smells. I bought one from Lisa about a month ago and its still burning strong every night. When it’s run its course I will definitely  buy another in her range.”

Julie Gullick / Jasmine Patchouli candle Feb 2016

“Beautiful candles, smell amazing. I’ve had three already”

Vicky Macfarlane / variety – feb 2016

“Just Love everything Lisa Kelly does”

Lisa O’Rourke / huge variety of candles and diffusers March 2016

“I have a diffuser and it keeps my bathroom smelling gorgeous 😊 The Quality is far superior to other diffusers I’ve had. These are lovely candles and diffusers made by the equally Lovely Lisa 😊 Buy one, you wont be disappointed.”

Jenny Fazzino / Night Blooming Jasmine Diffuser Feb 2016

““I gave my mum a lovely candle and diffuser for mothers day today as i’m not seeing her tomorrow! She was absolutely over the moon and has just text to say how amazing they smell! Well done Lovely Lisa, a fantastic product! Lasts far longer than flowers too!

Kellie Dyer / Meadow Lily and Cotton Musk march 2016